Seahorse 95% Complete

January 31, 2016 @ 2:20 PM

Dropping in a few more highlights, shadows, and details.

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Seahorse Progress- 85% complete

January 24, 2016 @ 7:55 PM

Two day show painting at Charleston Place and no more white space.  

Color on all areas, now for more layers of paint, details and shadows to make it more 3-D and realistic.

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Lionfish on Canvas

January 24, 2016 @ 7:52 PM

Many comments and much interest although no sale this weekend regarding the Lionfish on canvas (30X36)!  

My first print on canvas!


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Seahorse- further progress

January 20, 2016 @ 8:23 PM


Further progress on the Seahorse; a little more red and orange than I anticipated.   This will be a totally invented species but the colors are working so far!

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Seahorse- background only and masking fluid

January 4, 2016 @ 8:19 PM


This is the third in the series and follows a similar color palette.   I’ve painted two seahorses previously but very realistic and with a white background.   This one will be much more colorful with yellow, orange and reds to compliment the blue/green background.   There are 47 different species of seahorses and 14 of those were discovered in the last eight years. I recently learned that seahorses have the ability to change their color and shape to blend in with their environment which makes identification of individual species challenging. Previously there were thought to be as many as 200 seahorse species in the world due to this ability to change color and shape.  I’ll keep you ...

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Little Loggerhead- background in progress

January 3, 2016 @ 1:53 PM


The second in my current series is a young loggerhead turtle.   After several people went nuts over the Lionfish with dark background and more color, I am in the process of transitioning my painting style for this series and all four paintings will have a darker background and brighter colors throughout.   Apparently this color palette is popular in Florida; we may have to explore the possibility of Art by George on-site painting and art shows in Florida.   Let me know if you hear of any shops, galleries, or hotels open to the possibility… preferably near the water!

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Lionfish 95% Complete

January 2, 2016 @ 9:43 PM

Almost done with the Lionfish.   He will be headed off to his new home in Florida later this month and I'll continue with the rest of the series.... Grey Heron, Little Loggerhead, and Seahorse.... photographs to follow as they progress.  The entire series will be available this spring- prints, note cards, giclee's, and my first time with giclee on canvas and gallery wrap.

I have never had so many comments and stories from people as when I was painting this fish at Charleston Place Hotel.   One guy from Key West says they burn the spines off with a blow torch and serve them in restaurants.   Apparently they can grow to 40 pounds in the wild.

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