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2015 Festival of Houses and Gardens

14 ½ Murray Boulevard (Mrs. Wilkinson’s Kindergarten): The current property was once part of a large parcel and garden belonging to 51 South Bay Street (1795), now South Battery Street. The original property consisted of a large home still visible behind 14 ½ and a brick dependency used as a kitchen immediately behind 14 ½. The original garden was one of the largest on the peninsula and ran to the river with its own pier. The property sits on “high ground”, not landfill as does the rest of Murray Boulevard to the east of Lenwood Street. In 1942 Leila Wilkinson, whose husband James inherited the property, established a playground and nursery school for local children it was called the “South Battery Nursery School,” but it was more commonly know as “Mrs. Wilkinson’s Kindergarten.” Many students went on to become the city’s leading citizens.