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329 East Bay Street

Morris-Gadsden House c.1800 One of the tallest and most finely detailed of Charleston’s Federal single houses, this dwelling was built after 1798 on land owned by Christopher Gadsden. Although traditionally called the Gadsden House, the . The building was probably built by Thomas Morris, A Gadsden son-in-law whose name appears on the lot on the 1790’s map of this portion of Middlesex; Philip Gadsden is shown on the same map as living at 328 East Bay Street. The property had subsequent owners of prominence, including Col. Elnathan Haskel, A Revolutionary War here; Dr. Benjamin Bonneau Simons, an outstanding medical practitioner; and after the Civl War, the Right Reverend W B.W Howe, Episcopal bishop of South Carolina The building has fine brickwork as well as important carved marble keystones, window sills, and door architrave along with surviving Neoclassical wooden elements. The present iron gates were designed in collaboration between Samuel G. Stoney, architectural historian, and Philip Simmons, noted Charleston iron craftsman.